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Alang ship breaking yard on Arabian Sea, in Bhavnagar wasn’t even flourished as it is now world wide, when Shri Trambaklal Parekh began Bachubhai Dudhwala Pvt. Ltd., Habbies is a brand from Crave Eatables Pvt. Ltd., from the House of Bachubhai Dudhwala, a 103-year-old legacy started back in 1914, in a small city of Gujarat, Bhavnagar. It was started as a milk distributing business. But due to excess milk, they started making Srikhand (flavored strained yogurt) out it, and this is how they got into milk and sweets.
Later the 3rd generation, which was comparatively more organized got into dairy processing and added more sweets in the fraternity, which was run for over another 50 years. And in 2012, when the 5th generation took over the reign, tables started to turn and a new company named Crave Eatables was born. Crave Eatables proved to be the stepping-stone to success as it was nurtured by three brothers under their father’s guidance. They had knowledge and technology to expand them selves more into the food industry. And thus they got into Packaged sweets, snacks and restaurants. Today these determined and passionate brothers are working rigorously for it, and we need no proof.

About Us

Habbies is a brand from Crave Eatables Pvt. Ltd., from the House of Bachubhai Dudhwala, a 103-year-old legacy started back in 1914, in a small city of Gujarat, Bhavnagar. Out living past 10 decades, Expanding and Preserving Ethics one thing has unchanged in past 103 years is the consistency and quality of the products offered with their value for money. And this is what our customers appreciate the most about us. Keeping everything real, no filler, no rubbish, no tricking and only treating, we love to be our customer’s choice- for themselves or for their loved ones. We truely acknowledge their trust.
It is the trust that has helped us to come a long way. And this is why we continuously improve ourselves brining in the advanced technology but keeping up with our traditional taste. This is what we believe is truly connecting us. To keep our bond intact we are continuously trying to bring back the tradition under the influence of science.
Habbies is our Namkeen brand, named under Crave Eatables. We are into authentic Indian snacks and sweets. India being a multi-cultural country, we have different traditions, customs, food habits, tastes and preferences. Keeping in mind the diversity of our country, we have North Indian Karachi Halwas, Kaju Katlis and Laddus to South Indian Banana Chips and Coconut Chikkis. Western Ganthiyas, Pedas and Bikaneri Sev Bhujiyas to Eastern Gulab Jamuns and Rasgullas.
We are working leaps and bounds to make it reachable locally to all our customers across India.
We produce nationally renowned Packaged Sweets, Snacks, Namkeens, Chikkis and Sharbats under Crave Eatables, Habbies, Nut Ons and Crave Koolers labels.
We believe in “Dil Se khao, Desi Khao” when you have “Thodasa Break”.
Habbies: “Thodasa break”
“Here’s to all the foodies; take, Thodasa Break.” We promise to fulfill your untimely hunger and save you from hunger pangs. Whenever hunger strikes take Thodasa Break and munch on anything you like from our wide array of namkeens. We range from lentils, mixtures, diet namkeens to Nuts. Have it with your evening chai or grab a little with your main course; serve it to guests or munch them with your friends; give it to your kids or binge them alone, guilt free. We assure you the quality, hygiene and value for money. So whenever Thodasa Break, munch on Habbies.
Crave Eatables: “Dil Se Khao, Desi Khao”
Can you sing this jingle in your head? What’s the first thing that comes in your mind when you read this rhyme? What ever it is, we promise you the same. There’s enough of the western culture already prevailing in India but one thing we Indians can’t let go is our taste and habits of eating. Just like you we too are fond of eating indian traditional snacks, with the taste of technology. And that is why we are here with Dil Se Khao, Desi Khao.


Our vision is to retail Indian regional snacks at National level through quality, reliability, value for money and trust.


We aim at becoming largest Ethnic Food Processing Industry in India by 2025.


  • We believe in power and impact of food hence we emphasize on consistency and quality of the products offered.

  • We realize our responsibility and thus we prioritize on serving nutritional, hygienic and delicious food.

  • We believe in, value for money and gaining customer trust and satisfaction and thus we provide impeccable quality of food, meeting the global standards at attainable rates.

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